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Gmail Shortcuts Cheatsheet

A list of the best gmail shortcuts that I use everyday, plus an overview of the tips I cover in the Inbox Zero video.


Roam Book Notes Template

Simple template that I use in Roam Research app to write summaries of books that I read. The instructions are in the file for how to add this template to Roam.


Mid-Year Reset Worksheet

Simple, straightforward and to-the-point. Get your goals back on track, and have a realistic, actionable plan for the rest of the year. I've tried a lot of goal-setting worksheets, and most lot of them are unnecessarily long so I don't end up finishing. So this worksheet i made is just distilled down to the most important steps!


The What, How, and Why of Design Systems - Digital PDF

This digital pdf provides all of the information that you’ll need whether you’re just starting out or revising an existing design system in your organization. (Adobe has purchased this booklet, so you can also get this on their site for free:

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